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College of William and Mary (2 of 10)

College of William and Mary

Students looking for an affordable liberal arts education at a school that's going to stand out on a job resume should take note of the College of William and Mary. Matt, an economics major, offers this rundown: "Academics at W&M are top of the line. Competition is fierce, and stress is usually high. Virtually none of the classes are taught by TA's, and professors are usually very accessible. Furthermore, all of the professors are engaging and love their fields. There is ample opportunity for undergraduate research, simply go to your department Head." Irene, a junior international relations student, also praises the school's academics: "As a liberal arts school, the education you will get here is very comprehensive and more for the sake of learning than job training, although William & Mary's students have a very high success rate of finding jobs and grad school admission."