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Schools where you get the best education for the lowest price

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University of Delaware (6 of 10)

University of Delaware

UD is one of the best and most competitive public universities for out-of-state students. So for prospective students that actually call Delaware home (What's that like?), UD offers a top tier education with a very affordable price tag. With an undergraduate population of roughly 13,000, UD offers the perks of a large state university without being too overwhelming in size. "I came here essentially not knowing anyone but by the end of the first week i met a whole different array of people and met some of my closest friends since I've been here. I like the atmosphere that surrounds UD the most, I love how cleanly and modern the campus is and it just personifies a welcoming aura," says Doug, an engineering freshman. Caitlin, another freshman has this to say regarding the "best things" about UD: "great all-around college. Great campus/town, likeable students, great education for a good value, there are things to do and get involved in."