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University of Pittsburgh (8 of 10)

University of Pittsburgh

The University of Pittsburgh is known for its focus on research, as well as the Cathedral of Learning, one of Pittsburgh's most recognizable landmarks, and often used as a "drunken compass" to guide students back home after a night out. Students at Pitt often cite free benefits offered by the school as one of the best perks. " all times, you are within a 20 minute bus ride from downtown. Bus fare is included in tuition, so students essentially ride the buses for 'free.' It was nice to be able to go to the symphony, ballet, or a play as a student," says Lexi, a philosophy student. Julia, a sophomore, explains a few of the things that she loves about Pitt: "It's not a traditional campus, but it's made up of modern and Neo-Gothic architecture surrounded by parks, green space, statues and hills...Free bus passes, museum access and student discounts make for great excursions. People are very involved on campus and serious about the many, many clubs here."