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Schools where you get the best education for the lowest price

By Explore Editor

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University of Virginia (9 of 10)

University of Virginia

UVA is one of the most highly respected state universities in the country, and with rigorous academics, a beautiful campus, and an exciting sports scene, prospective students will have trouble finding a better place to spend their four(ish) years of college. MJ, a sophomore bio major says, "UVA is pretty excellent. The social scene is wild enough, academically it is tough, and financially it is reasonable. It is just the right size, and students who go here are proud of it." A junior neuroscience student explains some other highlights: "Faculty and administrators love the students as there is probably one student on every major University committee, even our Board of Visitors (aka Board of Trustees). The diversity of the students from all walks of life and from all over the country and world make this place a truly exciting place to learn."