Best Gadget to Preserve your College Years for Posterity

By Features Editor

There are two kinds of picture takers at school. The first kind are those throngs of always-preening, ever-tagged whose good times pretty much consist of a constantly grabbing one another and strike the most fist-pumping-est pose head-on to the camera. When they look back on their college years that will have literally billions of digital snapshots testifying to the fact that they spent most of their college years posing for pictures.

Then you have those who spend most of their good times actually having good times. Better to experience young life to the fullest than pause to collect Kodak moments. But sadly they are not perfect either, for their heyday will be memorialized in the background of other people’s pictures, or not at all. The will leave school with nothing but fuzzy, fast-fading recollections of their wild times at school.

Well, guys we’re here to help you split the difference, with some cameras that are fun to use and fun to have around while having fun. These are camera you need not pose for, because with these babies, everything is already looking good.

Kodak PlayTouch

Kodak has been making these handheld mini-cams for a little while now. They are pretty much like cell phones with slightly bigger screen and hi-def video. But the PlayTouch just made the whole idea make a lot more sense. It’s half an inch thick with a three-inch touch screen hi-res display and can record at WVGA, 720p, or 1,80p at 30 frames per second. This handsome devil of a camcorder is about as bulky as a coaster, it’s coming with you no matter what, and making seriously beautiful videos. When it’s time to share, just sing out the onboard USB connector, plug in and push the PlayTouch’s “share” button.

Fujifim Instax Mini 7S

Also known as the “Cheki Camera” this is Fujifilm’s version of a Polaroid for the new millennium. It’s tiny (as in back pocket tiny) and it’s real pretty (as in Japanese design pretty). Every picture you take instantly pops out as a credit card sized photo with quality Polaroid never dreamt of. Bring this little doozy to a party and start pooping out souveniers like pez—you know the beautiful people love to have their picture taken. Maybe you go ahead and scribble your number on the back before you tell that stud/babe the snapshot is theirs to keep. Just imagine having pictures of your awesome dance party flying around during your awesome dance party. Can you say, “meta dance party”? I smell a term paper….

Aiptek 3D Camcorder

Boys and girls, we have new entrant on the list of coolest things that have ever existed: the Aiptek 3D, a pocket-sized camcorder that shoots videos in 3D and has an inbuilt LCD screen which (drum roll please) displays your movies in 3D with no glasses necessary. That’s right, the Future just came barreling into your life, and stuffed itself in your pocket. The Aiptek fits in the pa of your hand and creates red and cyan stereoscopic images through two little lenses. Red and cyan filters on the monitor do the work that glasses ordinarily do, so now everyone at that awesome dance party can see how well they shake in three glorious dimensions. The camcorder also comes with glasses, so no matter where you upload them, you can watch your mini-marvels the way they’re meant to be seen.