Best Gadgets to Maintain a Long Distance Relationship Freshman Year

By Features Editor

Breaking up is hard to do. Which is why you didn’t do it. Now that you and your special someone will be attending school on opposite ends of the country, you’ve decided that a mere thousand miles is nothing compared to the vast continent of your love. Well brave soul, if you thought the SAT’s were hard just wait until you cut your teeth under the strains of a long distance relationship. Many have tried, few have succeeded, but if you load yourself up with an arsenal of relationship-fortifying gadgetry, you crazy kids might somehow make it work.

Logitech HD WebCam

So you’re probably planning on doing a lot of video-chatting. That’s cool, except everybody is on an equal playing field on video chat. Your sweeheart won’t be able to smell your sweet scent, or touch your smooth skin, you’ll be just like everyone else is while video-chatting- a blurry, soft focus mud of pixels somewhat resembling a face. Good thing there’s Logitech HD WebCam, which will send your likeness careening into your boo’s dorm room in shimmering high definition. The cam has a 2-megapixel sensor to keep you from transforming into a pixilated haze whenever you move around. The video quality is a crisp 720p and this bad boy comes with auto-focusing Carl Ziess lenses standard. You’ll look so beautiful your hunnie won’t ever want to log-off.

Girlfriend Keeper iPhone App

This app is pretty hokey, and won’t save your relationship single-handed, but for all you absent-minded dudes out there it can cover your ass when you need it most. Girlfriend Keeper alerts you to all significant dates (birthday’s, anniversaries), and logs the frequency of your correspondences with your lady. Where the app really pulls its weight is by sending preset automated sentiments via text and email as regularly as you desire. So even while you’re passed out after ten rounds of beer pong—I mean hacky sack, you freshmen--your lady can be receiving the sweet nothings and proclamations of love that you’re too lazy to send yourself.

Nikon Coolpix S1000pj Camera 

If a picture is worth a thousand words than a snapshot from one of these cameras has got to be pushing a million-word value. First up, Nikon’s Coolpix, a gnarly compact digital camera any way you slice it. It automatically adjusts your shudder speed if it detects motion in front of the lens. It even warns you if your subject is about to blink (seriously I don’t know how but it does). It does a bunch of other fancy camera stuff too but lets cut to the chase: Coolpix has a built in digital projector that’s shines your shots onto surfaces up to six-feet away. Send your baby to school with one of these and a couple adorable pics of the two of you uploaded on it. Your squeeze will be projecting your darling mug all over everything no matter where they go.

Fujifilm FinePix Real 3D Camera

Now on to Fujifilm’s FinePix. No point in beating around the bush, this is a handheld digicam that takes 3d snapshots. It’s state of the art LCD display enables you to see you saved images in full 3D without having to use glasses. Beyond how sweet that already sounds, FinePix is a very impressive stereoscopic camera by any measure. The amount of control, fine-tuning the camera enables you to craft truly vivid 3D images specially adjusted to light levels, landscapes, distance, and depth. In addition, Fujifilm will specially process your shots into digital prints which appear in 3D to the naked eye. Just imagine if your far-off soul-mate could plaster her drom walls hang 3D pictures of you.

Think about it, if you try all these tricks, and your relationship still doesn’t survive, you still get play with all these awesome futuristic gizmos. Love fades, but this stuff is rad forever. Now if only they’d invent a gadget that can mend a broken heart.