Best Gizmos to Never Lose Your Term Paper

By Features Editor

Picture this: it’s 5am and you're putting the finishing touches on the footnotes on that epic, 20 pager due in class in three hours when ZAP…your computer crashes and your dreams of a stress free weekend along with it. Losing a term paper in the digital void is a nasty prospect, but it happens to the best of us, and frankly there’s no excuse for it. But we’re not here to lecture you on backing up your files. We’re here to help you back them up in style.

Freecome CLS External Hard Drives

Everyone’s got an external hard drive, and as time goes on they get sleeker and sexier. But all the streamlined design in the world won’t organize the contents of drive any better than your messy desktop. With its retro style the CLS drive has managed to reclaim one of the more useful characteristics of analog technology for the digital age, namely the archaic condition of not having all your important information inside one single machine. The CLS drive is comprised of a dock for three separate drives which look a little like mini VHS tapes. The beauty is, instead of dumping all your files into one drive, to be sorted and sifted through at a later date, the three-mini drives provide an extra level or organization from the get go. Like cassettes, each module has a side label where you can label the contents (imagine it: writing on technology!). Throw all your term paper on one, your music on another, and your…umm, let’s call it “downloaded material” on the other. You’ll never have to scour through hastily named backup files again, which is totally old school.

Hitachi LifeStudio Drive

The Hitachi LifeStudio hard drive is pretty much the mother of all drives. It’s not just for storage and backup, it also helps you organize your files, before they are even in the drive. The drive itself is twofold, a main dock and a detachable USB key, which has unprecedented interface flexibility- it can sync to Mac or PC, your desktop, another hard drive, or straight to the Net. When you pop the drive in, it launches an application which pulls all your media files from every corner of your computer into a giant interactive wall—Think iTunes Cover Flow, but stretched to infinity, in every direction. All of your photos and videos are instantly arranged chronologically. Without ever leaving the LifeStudio application you can organize, rearrange, watch, or upload to Facebook and Flickr (with comments). If you want to know where that snapshot has been hiding all this time, simply select any photo and LifeStudio tells you where the file is located. It’s nuts. The versatility can help save schoolwork from anywhere at any time, but the other features are just to cool to not mention.

Wet Circuits Power Strip

What about losing your files the old fashioned way: electrical malfunction. With the Wet Circuits power strip the masterminds at Japans Shohero Technologies have invented what has to be the all-time coolest variation on a really boring piece of technology. This power strip doesn’t just withstand spills, you can literally pour liquid right into it without it ever skipping a beat. The strip even works when submerged in water! Even cooler, you can jam a pair of tweezers into the sockets with impunity. Neither rain, sleet, snow or conductive obstructions can stop this thing from powering your gadgets and keeping a computer on. Wet Circuits even has a failsafe circuit breaker that prevents overheating and eliminates the risk of fire cause by deteriorated wires. That’s right, it might just save your life.