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Top 10 schools that fly under the academic radar - but shouldn't

By Explore Editor

What the students are saying about:

Wabash College

Wabash College

One of only four remaining all-men’s schools in the US today, Wabash College is a haven for men seeking a well-rounded liberal arts education. One could call Wabash the campus “where everybody knows your name,” as professors are known for being highly accessible and for personally engaging with students. Although the majority of this school’s small population of about 900 students hail from Wabash’s own state of Indiana, there is a growing international presence, and diversity is steadily on the rise. Students here love their school, and the strong sense of tradition it breeds. According to one sophomore economics major, "That tradition lasts after you graduate, so strongly that the students have nicknamed the alumni network the 'Wabash Mafia.” While one junior jokes that the worst thing about Wabash is "that there isn't an all-female college thirty minutes away," its students value the school's all-male status. "Our college is special, and we feel that the all-male atmosphere stimulates a higher educational experience." The no-girls-allowed classroom and social environment sometimes leads to the impression that Wabash men are chauvinistic, but students deny that the stereotype holds true. Says a senior in the economics department, "Because there are no women around, I feel that Wabash men more often than not respect women and each other, more so than their peers at large, co-ed state schools." A sophomore adds, "Having only males in the classroom lets the students express themselves without fear of feeling stupid in front of the girls. Life outside the classroom is more boisterous and more tuned to male entertainment and male ways of doing things." Wabash ensures a tight-knit academic community by keeping the student-faculty ratio low, usually below 10-to-1.