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Top 10 schools that fly under the academic radar - but shouldn't

By Explore Editor

What the students are saying about:

Denison University

Denison University

“The best thing about Denison is our sense of community. It's a small school, approximately 2,100 students. Everyone is on campus all the time.” This small size can have big academic benefits. A freshman double majoring in studio art and biology says, “My favorite thing about Denison is that the lecture halls have thirty chairs. LECTURE HALLS with only thirty seats. That is absolutely unheard-of.” Small class sizes mean students have close relationships with their professors, and it isn’t uncommon to hang out with a professor outside of class. “I know of more than one case where a classmate has played in a concert or acted in a play, and they invited a professor to come see them. Professors at Denison are your friends, not some enigma you never get close to.” Students spend most of their time on campus, but Denison’s hometown, Granville, Ohio, is a quaint hangout spot for those itching to escape the college grounds. Students wanting a little more excitement head to the nearest Ohio metropolis: A sophomore notes, “If you need a big city fix, downtown Columbus is an easy twenty five minute drive off campus.” Overall, Denisonites truly appreciate the chummy atmosphere, and the school that provides them with a close academic community that really feels like family.