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Top 10 schools whose locales are the envy of family and friends

By Explore Editor

What the students are saying about:

University of Texas at Austin

University of Texas at Austin

The city of Austin is a variegated and exciting place that you’ll likely never be able to see all of, even with four years at your disposal! “Austin is chock full of entertainment options for students to explore, and it might very well take 4+ years to get to know the city. 6th Street, SoCo, SoLa, and Barton Springs are just some of the fantastic locales and neighbors to the eclectic city of Austin.” Downtown is where it all goes down, “I love going downtown, eating at all of the restaurants in Austin, and taking advantage of the outdoors. I love going to see the Texas Revue every year, as well as 40 Acres Fest and Party on the Plaza.” It gets even better once you can legally drink, “the school is huge but everyone seems to like it. Austin is definitely a college town and 6th street is very popular once you turn 21.” It’s not only about the downtown scene, though, “there are hundreds of organizations to join at UT! Texas has one of the largest Greek communities in the nation, with over 50 sororities and fraternities, tons of cultural clubs, academic clubs and social organizations. Getting involved in something is a great way to meet new people and a good way to find your niche in such a large community.” A lot of the groups still place an emphasis on cutting loose and partying, “there's a wide selection of clubs to join. Drinking is a mainstay of social life; even seemingly innocent clubs will host at least two keg/club parties a semester. Apparently, the administration gives them funds to buy alcohol, which is AWESOME, or ridiculous, depending on how you look at it.” As UT remains ever popular, it’s clear that many students arrive and graduate every year with one goal: get a job in Austin and never leave.