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Top 10 schools whose locales are the envy of family and friends

By Explore Editor

What the students are saying about:

Tulane University

Tulane University

The Big Easy is the primary reason Tulane made our list. Obviously, there’s a lot going on that students can participate in, even with the shroud of Katrina still sometimes masking the jovial campus. “There is so much good music, food, and festivals you won’t find anywhere else (Jazzfest is probably one of the greatest jazz festivals in the world). Mardi Gras is precisely as you envision it, but the entire school (professors especially) embraces it.” Many other students agree, “the best thing about Tulane is definitely being in New Orleans and the nightlife you find. There is always something going on!” Foodies and music heads will love it here with the Cajun cooking and jazz. "There is a lot of great music in New Orleans and a lot of really yummy places to eat. Off campus I go to any of the delicious bars and restaurants within walking distance. Go to Audobon Park which is across the street from campus, Magazine Street which has a bunch of cute shops, and down to the quarter for beignets and hand grenades.” If you’re too full for food or drinks, the theater program is a perfect break for your tummy. “The theater program puts on some excellent productions and it is always worth a Friday or Saturday night to go watch one of their performances. The plays are different and sometimes student written, but there’s tons of talent among the theater students.” Basically, you’ll be the envy of your high school peers, “between all of my friends from high school who go to similarly ranked colleges like Vanderbilt, Emory, William and Mary, Washington University, and others, Tulane's social life is by far the best. We have the opportunity to partake in the events offered by the city of New Orleans, which really is absolutely unique and cannot be copied.” We agree completely.