Best Places at University of Vermont

UVM Campus

By Lauren Foley

By Lauren Foley
Unigo Campus Rep at UVM

What is the best....

Place to get free Wifi---Brueggers Bagels on Church Street - This Vermont bagel company is the choice spot if you are looking for a quick bite and some great wifi access. Feast on delicious bagels or flatbread sandwiches and enjoy password free wifi. Bruegger’s has three floors with public bathrooms located on the first two. It is also an excellent people-watching location. Sit up on the second floor and get a bird’s eye view of pedestrians walking along Church Street. For bagels and crystal-clear wifi, Brueggers in the place to be.

Place to grab a late night meal---VPB - The Vermont Pub and Brewery is a notoriously delicious and popular establishment with the UVM student crowd. Located just one block from Church Street, VPB has a diverse menu that offers everything from gourmet meatloaf to a classic pub burger. Many of the dishes feature local Vermont products as well as organic, grass-fed beef. Though the full menu retires at 10 p.m., VPB has a great late night menu, featuring mostly sandwiches and burgers with a side of their legendary sweet potato fries. Food is served until 2 am. For those over 21, the Many students have not yet discovered the fairly new Henderson’s Café, located in the Davis Center. Though Henderson’s does no accept meal points, coffee and tea is very reasonable priced, especially if you provide your own refillable mug. Flavored syrups are complimentary and delicious. After grabbing coffee, students feel free to relax in comfy armchairs next to a roaring fire while they watch CNN and kick back in between classes. Magazines are displayed for sale nearby, though most people page through them without having to make any purchases. Henderson’s is most certainly the best kept secret of UVM, and proves to be a great place to thaw out with a cup of joe during the cold winter months.

On-campus job - Any residence hall front desk - Work-study jobs are common among UVM students, Though many organizations and businesses offer positions created to cater to this work-study crowd, most students choose to remain on campus. The best on-campus job is most definitely at the front desk of a resident hall. Once employed, students work as clerks who sign out equipment like vacuums and movies, sort student mail, and answer any questions that students might have. There is inevitable down time, and students are welcome to do their homework. Many of the halls have wifi access, and often there is a computer at the front desk itself, in case you do not have a laptop. With more reasonable work-study wages and time to do homework, the resident hall front desks tend to be ideal for jobs.

To study (on- or off-campus) - Uncommon Grounds - Though it is located downtown, the Uncommon Grounds coffee shop is most definitely one of the best places to study. Nestled at the top of Church Street, this cozy café offers various baked goods and delicious local coffee and teas. Wireless access is available upon request, which makes studying online simple. Relaxing classical music is often piped in though speakers, and the dull background noise of fellow coffee drinkers creates a calming, serene atmosphere. Uncommon Grounds is a great place to settle down with some intense studying, while you relax over a cup of freshly brewed coffee.

Place to exercise/work out - Burlington Bike Path - Any Burlington resident can attest that the Burlington Bike Path is the best place to get exercise. Whether you are into rollerblading, biking, running, or even dog walking, the bike path offers a scenic backdrop for a cardio workout. Much of the path is located alongside Lake Champlain, and other parts bring you through the backyards of neat residential neighborhoods. The path tends to get crowded during the nice spring and summer months, but do not let that deter you from partaking in the fun. Bike rental is available nearby, and if you are feeling really adventurous, give kayaking a try. For a spirited workout or a romantic lakeside walk, the Burlington Bike Path is a student hotspot.

Make-out spot on campus - Williams Fire Escape - A lot of the UVM community is unaware of the Williams Fire Escape, and it is arguably the best make-out spot on campus. If you are not afraid of heights, climb the five floors of stairs alongside the Williams building and get ready to be astounded. The top of the escape provides an amazing view of Lake Champlain and the mountains beyond. The sunset view is especially gorgeous, and most definitely the ideal backdrop for a romantic rendezvous. If you are feeling brave and need a special place for a date, check out the Williams Fire Escape.

Place to take a nap between classes - 4th Floor of the Davis Center - The 4th floor of the Davis Student Center has yet to be discovered by most students. Thus, it is the best place to grab a quick nap in between classes. Students relax on armchairs in front of the fireplace, some doing homework, others listening to their iPods, and some dozing. The hushed atmosphere of the lounge keeps rowdy students at bay, resulting in the presence of respectful students looking for a quite place between classes. If you are not keen on stairs, take the elevator up to the 4th floor and relax by the fire. The lounge is usually quiet and peaceful, but don’t be surprised if you hear a little snoring. 

Place to take a date without breaking the bank - Church Street Tavern - The Church Street Tavern proves to be a great place to take a date and get a great meal—without blowing your budget. When the weather is nice, patrons sit outside at umbrella-covered tables, sipping cold beers and gnawing on sweet potato fries and onion rings. The menu consists of typical pub fare, but is nonetheless very tasty and reasonably priced.  The atmosphere is relaxed and youthful, with many of the customers being students. On the weekends, there tends to be a short wait for a table, but most people will attest that it is worth it, especially if you are on a date and footing the bill.

To get a slice of pizza - Big Daddy’s - Whether it be late night slice of the middle of the day, Big Daddy’s is the best place to grab some pie. Located at the bottom of Church Street, Big Daddy’s sells pizza by the slice or in full. Many toppings are offered, barbequed chicken being one of the most popular among them. Garlic is baked directly into the crust, making the crust the best part. This pizza joint draws a big late night crowd, so don’t be surprised if you have to wait a few minutes if you arrive during the rush.

Bar - What Ales You - For good old fashioned coed fun, What Ales You is definitely the place to be. Though there is nothing notably flashy or special about the bar, it is a great Friday night hotspot. Students make up the vast majority of the clientele, which is not a surprise considering the cheap drink specials and lack of a cover charge. Students cram into booths or wedge themselves up near the bar, clutching their drinks and making conversations with friends and people they recognize from campus. Typical “frat house” music plays over the speakers, often tunes by Bon Jovi and Bruce Springsteen. There is no dancing, but that does not take away from What Ales You’s appeal. The traditional, not-so-wholesome night spot proves to be a popular watering hole for UVM’s legal crowd.

Place on campus to get some sun - The Campus Green - Though UVM’s climate does not allow for sunning for most of the year, during the warmer months, the campus green is crowded with students. Whether they are studying or relaxing with friends, students flock to the green with blankets and towels, eager to warm up their pallid skin tones. Long ago sanctioned as a no-construction zone, students can take comfort in the fact that their precious green will never be polluted with buildings. Year after year, students never fail to cluster themselves along the green, basking in the sun’s rays after a long, cold winter.