Boston College and Religion

I am a Jewish student who is potentially interested in BC. I loved BC but my only concern was the Jesuit culture of the school. Can anyone speak to how the Jesuit culture affects academics and student life? And how kids who are not Christian fit in? Dear Jennifer, This is when a campus visit is a must! Every person is different and will respond according to their own disposition. I remember my first campus visit at Boston College. I did not take the formal tour, but instead a self-guided tour. I observed students often approaching them to get their take on BC. Almost everyone I spoke with shared about the diverse student body and how welcoming it was for those not practicing Catholicism or Christianity. But BC does have many students attending its campus because they want an excellent education while having an opportunity to grow in their faith. Understand what it is that you really want in a college. You have to 'do life' there for 4 or more years. Campus visits are so important. Your questions are good. The best way to get the right answer for you is to visit BC. Attend some classes. Talk to students. Stay overnight in the dorms. Speak with Professors and Admission Counselors. Look closely at the community. Speak to the folks who work and live around the college. You'll leave with the answers you need. Hi Jennifer, You can also get some of your questions answered by contacting the Hillel of Boston College. They have an office on campus. BC does have a small but active Jewish student population, and the folks in the Hillel office should be able to put you in touch with some Jewish students who can share their BC experience with you. -Marilyn Morrison Thank you so much for your replies! I did have a formal visit at BC this summer, but it is very difficult to get a feel for the student body during the summer because the student body is not on campus. I completely agree about visiting with the students so BC remains on my list and I plan to spend an overnight in the spring depending on whether I am accepted. Hopefully I will get the chance because I loved everything about it. And thank you also for the suggestion of contacting the Hillel of Boston College. I am definitely going to try and get in contact with a Jewish student at BC. Thanks again for your replies! Jennifer- I am curious about your final decision about BC. I am looking into graduate programs and like what I see about BC's MSW program and love the area of MA as well. Did you end up visiting the college again? How have you found the acceptance of non-Jesuits and diversity in general? Thank you! I just realized the dates on this post and that you probably can't answer these questions yet. Sorry. In any case, have you come across any other useful information? Good luck.