Budget Cuts Reach College Athletics

College Athletics

By Kiersten Murphy, Murphy College Consultants Llc

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The economy has impacted college campuses across the nation in many ways. At some, budget shortfalls have eliminated arts programs, while at others, faculty and staff have been let go. Many more have seen their endowments shrink which has led to tough choices.

Think that college athletics are immune? You would guess wrong. With the economic turndown, more and more college athletic programs are dropping varsity sports.  You might even be surprised where it is happening and what sports are getting the big cut.

At the University of Washington men’s and women’s swimming teams have been eliminated and at the University of Massachusetts it’s their men’s and women’s ski teams, saving the University $100,000. Pepperdine has cut men’s track and Kutztown College has cut men’s swimming and soccer. Colorado College has cut football, softball and water polo and Johns Hopkins University has cut men’s and women’s crew. Western Washington University has cut football and UC Irvine has cut swimming, rowing, diving and sailing. MIT seems to have experienced the largest cuts, eliminating ice hockey, skiing, gymnastics, shooting, golf and wrestling. The list goes on and on, and it seems that more are announced each day.

Some universities are cutting back in other ways, in order to save the programs. Princeton will no longer print media guides, Washington State U will use buses for trips under 400 miles, and at the University of Miami, football players will have to get off the private jet and hop on the bus to play games in Florida.  Some universities, like Central Florida, are increasing student fees to help with budget woes.

Other are trying to boost their revenues to stay profitable. Corporate sponsorship will be seen at the Georgia Dome when Alabama plays Virginia Tech at the “new” Chick-fil-A Kickoff Game in September.

High school athletes should do some research to ensure that their program of choice is not in jeopardy.  Here today, gone tomorrow.

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