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By Irene Starygina

The first episode of MTV’s newest reality show College Life premiered this Monday, April 13, and certainly didn’t disappoint in the dormroom keggers and (ex-)boyfriend drama department. There’s even an uncomfortable closeup of a female condom and Josh designating Andrea as his “property” for the whole world to see. Classy dude. The show is definitely entertaining—but does it cherry-pick scenes that would make parents cringe for the sake of ratings, or does it offer an objective view of what underclassmen should expect at a large state university? Check out full commentary from our campus representatives across the country on

MTV College Life: Episode 1 - Our Bloggers Weigh In

“I think MTV did a good job of keeping it realistic, and the first episode felt unscripted,” says Felicia Compian, a Georgian Court University senior. Watch Felicia almost spit out her drink after Andrea mentions her VCard:

Even Kevin Duck, a senior at Wake Forest University who never watches reality TV, says he found the show pretty interesting. College Life opened his eyes to what he’s been missing all these years at Wake. Check out his proposition for Alex, the self-proclaimed commitment-phobe: 

Erin Sperling, a University of Arizona senior, says the first episode was “pretty spot-on” in terms of portraying freshman year at a large university. “It’s one of the first college productions that doesn’t just glorify college as parties and the opposite sex.”


Justine SchieleJustine Schiele, Santa Clara University Class of 2010, English and Communication double major - "Overall, I am pleasantly surprised with the accuracy of the first episode of College Life on MTV. The tilted and unsteady cameras prove students are in charge. However, three-plus weeks of four students’ lives edited into a 30-minute show raises a large amount of skepticism..." Read more...


bengearyBenjamin Geary, Beloit College Class of 2009, Creative Writing major – “They do seem to be filming themselves. MTV definitely tries to maintain their 'detachment' too, like when they interject to tell us Andrea happened to not film her probably quite boring date. You do have to wonder what their contracts state...” Read more..


Kim CieslaKim Ciesla, Rowan University Class of 2011, Public Relations major – “I really dislike how they portray college as one big party without anyone to balance out the ridiculous drama. Sure, the bookworm might be boring—but at least it would be accurate with why people normally go to college..." Read more... 



Hannah McDonald-MonizHannah McDonald-Moniz, Princeton University Class of 2010, French and Italian major – “As I expected, Kevin is the big jokester on the show, and one of the funniest to watch. This guy obviously has no qualms about what people see him doing on TV, so I believe it. Even if he’s not the kind of guy I’d like to be dating (or tutoring in math) in college, he’s the most entertaining one on the show so far...” Read more...



rebecca headshotRebecca May, University of Missouri - Columbia Class of 2012, Journalism major - "As I roamed through the halls during a commercial break every girl seemed to be in one another’s room watching it. Although it brought in a large group of viewers, I was a little disappointed by the horrible footage, given that the students are supposed to be doing the taping, but the camera was shaky and at one point we see two pairs of legs for about two minutes..." Read more... 


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