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Many different news outlets generate yearly rankings of colleges and universities using various methods and philosophies towards higher education. The results of these rankings vastly varies between the news outlets but one consistent factor that seems to stand out is that there are many NCAA3 institutions that rank very highly academically – and they offer great athletic opportunities for you., in their annual rankings of the "New Ivies", included only three institutions that compete in a major athletic conference. The schools: Duke, Northwestern and Virginia. The highest ranked "New Ivy" is NCAA3 institution Carnegie Mellon.

Many perceptions are raised that NCAA 1 programs, and those of bigger universities, provide a better education. This perception is not correct. Yes, many NCAA1 programs have greater resources for their athletic programs but you can gain the opportunity to gain a highly valued education and participate in strong athletic programs at other (smaller) institutions.

It is not just academically that many NCAA2 and NCAA3 programs eclipse their NCAA1 counterparts. There are numerous programs at the NCAA2 and NCAA3 levels that can compete with NCAA1 programs with their play, traditions and opportunities to succeed in the classroom and on the field, court, track, pool or course.

While researching your collegiate opportunities, it is important that you do not focus solely on NCAA1 programs. NCAA2 and NCAA3 programs may provide you with greater educational and playing opportunities than a NCAA1 program. Keep your door open to all recruitment opportunities and you might find yourself at an institution that you didn't consider as your top choice. And you might be pleasantly surprised by the opportunities that these institutions afford you academically, athletically and socially.

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