Economic Crisis at Forefront of Political Issues at the U of A

University of Arizona Students

By Nicole Yesel

By Nicole Yesel
Unigo Campus Rep at the University of Arizona

The panic surrounding the U.S. bailout crisis and the faltering economy has markedly altered what both students and faculty think to be the number one issue is for the upcoming election at the University of Arizona. Before the Wall Street crisis unraveled, students claimed a general mix of interest about all subjects including the economy, the Iraq war, healthcare, and footing the bill for higher education. Now, economy is the number one concern for most students on campus, who believe that no other issue can be tackled without the promise of proper funding.

Teachers feel that the current issues themselves are largely too heated to discuss. “I talk about foreign policy and current politics with the Bush Administration,” says Professor David Gibbs who teaches both History and Political science at the UA. “Generally, I avoid future political policy. I find the election itself is too contentious.” As this is a common sentiment among teachers, students are left to discuss the needs and issues of the future outside of the classroom.

“We are so busy right now because of the bailout, which I believe will be the number one issue for college students,” says Megan Cochrane, a UA student currently in Washington DC dealing with the crisis first hand. “We will be the ones stuck with this debt and stuck trying to find jobs in a market where there are less jobs and currently, no liquidity in the marketplace. Not a very bright future for the creation of jobs.”  Cochrane hits on a very key issue. What does the future of our financial security look like? As the election draws nearer, UA students are looking for the candidate that can sell them the best financial plans to support their future.