Fashion Trends on College Campuses

College Fashion Trends

By Irene Starygina

As hoodies come off and pedicure appointments are booked, designers prepare to cash in on styles that have been planned since way before Thanksgiving. While you can get away with wearing your school’s logo apparel year round at most colleges, each campus certainly has a distinct “look,” from laidback surfers to glamazons with monster heels at 9 a.m. science class. If you’re a fashion-conscious undergrad or an incoming freshman curious about the general appearance of the student body, check out these “fashion documentaries” from our campus reps. Looks like Uggs aren't going anywhere for now.

What are University of Arizona students braving 90-degree April temperatures to do? Cut off the necklines to their T-shirts, of course. Erin Sperling shows us couture quirks unique to the U of A, some regarded as very strange by international students:


The hipster look is big on campuses across the country, and Alex Rossin shows us why SUNY Purchase probably shouldn’t be your first choice if you’re not a fan of men’s skinny jeans and scarves in warm weather.


What should you plan on packing if you’re heading to a big state school like the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill? No need to go all out, but make sure to bring a pair of Sperrys. To the dismay of our campus rep Megan Gill, The Uggs tucked into sweatpants trend has reared its head at UNC.


“If your school were a clothing store, which would it be?”

aatomshoesSalvation Army - Toms Shoes, boyfriend jeans and plaid are all the rage at Pitzer College in California, which one undergrad describes as a “thrift store”, by Janet Alexander.





Campus store - Franklin and Marshall College in Pennsylvania takes preppy to the next level, and an F&M Tee is a must-have here, by Min Zhao and Alex Gao. 



aaargylebestJ. Crew - Argyle and pearls still prevail at Princeton University in New Jersey, but “cheap imitation Wayfarers” made it into the mix this year, by Mackenzie Luzzi.



aahipsterLilly Pulitzer with a the occasional hipster - Who knew that preppy Wake Forest University in North Carolina had this many hipsters, enough for an ode to them, by Kevin Duck.   



aaverabradleyEnergie +  Vera Bradley bags - Guys at the University of Missouri-Columbia aren’t too happy with the all-sweatpants-all-the-time look for girls, who adore their Vera Bradley printed bags, by Becky May.




American Apparel - You won’t find many fashion snobs living by the beach at the University of California, Irvine, but they sure are into their colorful short shorts, by Perry Yates. 






Urban Outfitters - In New York City’s School of Visual Arts (SVA), students can’t seem to let go of their scarves, which they wear with tanks and skinny jeans. And what’s up with wearing sunglasses inside the train? By Michael McIntosh.



aasweatsgcuuseChampion - A Polo Ralph Lauren fashion stylist at Georgian Court University in New Jersey stresses that students here are all about comfort and sweatpants, not big hair and animal prints, by Felicia Compian.


aawayfarersPatagonia - Bowdoin students rock their fleece into the spring months, since it’s cold for most of the school year at this Maine college. Preppy cardigans and skirts are paired with leggings and Wayfarers this spring, by Abbie Mitchell.





The North Face / Anthropologie - Rain is a big part of student’s lives at Villanova University in Pennsylvania.  Brightly colored umbrellas and funky rain boots are a must-have on this campus, by Lauren Piro. 


aaamericaneagleAmerican Eagle - Marquette University in Wisconsin is pretty laid-back, and the guys here are adamant that the campus isn’t trendy and the girls aren’t hot, by Andreana Drencheva.




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