Fast and Flirtatious

Schools where even the library becomes a pick-up scene

By Explore Editor

Arizona State University

ASU has always held a coveted spot on Playboy's Top Ten Party Schools ranking (this year it was #3), and that's probably because the students at ASU are the type of people that would consider such a distinction to be coveted. ASU students are beautiful, friendly, tan, and ready to drink anything that comes in a hollowed-out pineapple. Cassie, a senior, sums up ASU like this: "crazy fun town and nightlife, beautiful men and women, fun in the sun." Nick, a psychology student, describes the type of students that would fit in at ASU in a way that should be clear to everyone (except, hopefully, your parents). "Students who wish to re-experience their high school lives of promiscuous sex and heavy drinking."


Auburn University

Greek life and football are dominant at Auburn, and that is reflected in the way students socialize. Partying is usually preferred over dating, and casual hook-ups over relationships. Melissa, a junior, says, "I think people date still but the night life is so fun that it's like group outings." This idea of pseudo-dating and hanging out in big groups tends to dominate the thinking and atmosphere of the students at Auburn, who study hard during the week and party even harder on weekends. "Usually if I am not studying for a test then I am out partying with friends. There are plenty of people that are in relationships but there are also plenty of people that aren't," explains Anne, a freshman business student.


Florida State University

FSU gets a bad reputation for being a party school - and while that's true, there are some brains to be found amongst all the blonde. "The best thing about FSU is the girls. They are all gorgeous here and not only that, they have brains too," says Robert, an eager sophomore. With only 1/3 of FSU students living on campus, the dating scene is not thriving, but students still find time to mingle with the opposite sex. Evan, a business student, says, "The dating scene is not very common, but it isn't generally hard to find somebody that would be interested in dating. There are many students that are just looking for one night stands and playing around…"


Louisiana State University

"LSU is a great school. You'll get lots of opportunities and meet a LOT of different people. Yeah, it's big. 30,000 people can be quite intimidating. But it doesn't have to be," says Ashley, a business student. LSU is known for football and partying, and with that comes a student body that's open to fun, meeting new people, and casual definitions of the word "dating." That's all fun and games if viewed from a distance, but one freshman has a more, shall we say, sobering point of view: "A while ago I heard some statistics at the health center about the student population at LSU: 2 out of 5 students are treated at the health center for venereal diseases!! What about the ones that are not in treatment yet because they did not discover it yet!? The percentage is ridiculous. This is a number that I would not like as a parent looking for a school for my kid!" Yikes!


Michigan State University

Life at Michigan State has everything that makes college so special - stellar academics, a thriving college town, Big Ten sports, and a student body that knows how to have a good time. According to one sly freshman, "The student "body" (wink wink) is probably as good as one could ask for." With an undergraduate population of 36,000, MSU is full of students who want to make the most of their four years as a Spartan, both in and out of the classroom. According to Andrew, a junior, "Everyone is out trying to make friends just like you, so it's a real friendly atmosphere. Plus, like on a Saturday night, most people have become EXTRA friendly."


Pennsylvania State University

Any big state party school is going to have a student body with, perhaps, questionable morals. And Penn State is often considered the biggest party school in the nation. The only thing students love more than a good party is the football team. "I've never seen an inebriated football fan clobber any innocents, but I know quite of few girls (and boys) who wouldn't mind being tackled by a Nittany Lions football player (or two)," says one (possibly inebriated) student. "A lot of people date, a lot of people hookup too," explains Morgan, a junior. Call us old-fashioned, but we didn't realize a 2:00 am post-kegger slice of pizza was considered a date these days.


Texas Tech University

Texas Tech is a big school with a big student body and a big ego. Brad, a sophomore, is adamant in his assessment of the student body at Texas Tech: "I've got to say, the hottie stereotype holds up. This one is also true." With 23,000 students and both a huge sports and Greek culture, Texas Tech always seems to have something to celebrate - and parties are huge. Students tend to be friendly though, and nobody really claims to feel overwhelmed by the size of everything. "The Texas Tech student body has everything, every type of group or stereotype so no matter what you should be able to find someone that you click with as long as you are willing to give it the effort," claims Sarah, a sophomore, who we like to imagine 'clicked' with that special someone while riding a mechanical bull.


University of Georgia

Like the University of Tennessee and Ole Miss, UGA is a big southern state school where the students take football and partying just as seriously as the academics - most of them, anyway. Jordan, a sophomore, says, "UGA is a big party school, and a lot of students take their social calendars much more seriously than their academic goals." And for those prospective students who haven't found love in high school, worry no more! Melanie, a freshman at UGA, has some words of encouragement: "There are so many different kinds of people, and you can always find someone who will go out with you…"


University of Mississippi

A football-crazed school with a hopping college town and huge Greek presence - all key ingredients for The Fast and Flirtatious. The students at Ole Miss are beautiful, bright, and ready to show you the southern charm of Oxford, MI. Jesse, a freshman, lists of some common attributes of students at Ole Miss: "Students are considered…wild, beautiful woman, southern, charming. Men - party constantly, very proud of southern heritage, intelligent." Jordan, another freshman does the same, though her description sounds more like a Lil Wayne video than a place of learning: "Preppy, mostly girls, all GREEK, parties, late night, pretty girls, money, liberals, smaller university…"


University of Tennessee, Knoxville

Students at Tennessee embody the best aspects of Southern Charm - friendly, entertaining, open-minded, and ready to win you over with a smile. Rachel, a psychology major, says, "The dating scene is pretty easy. There's always someone around who you'll find attractive." Well that's good to know. Being situated right in Knoxville gives students the chance to get off campus and explore the wide range of restaurants and bars that are often packed with large groups or starry-eyed couples. According to Chelsey, a sophomore, "Many students seem very open about meeting new people for the most part. Dating seems very popular on campus."


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