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Schools where even the library becomes a pick-up scene

By Explore Editor

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Arizona State University (1 of 10)

Arizona State University

ASU has always held a coveted spot on Playboy's Top Ten Party Schools ranking (this year it was #3), and that's probably because the students at ASU are the type of people that would consider such a distinction to be coveted. ASU students are beautiful, friendly, tan, and ready to drink anything that comes in a hollowed-out pineapple. Cassie, a senior, sums up ASU like this: "crazy fun town and nightlife, beautiful men and women, fun in the sun." Nick, a psychology student, describes the type of students that would fit in at ASU in a way that should be clear to everyone (except, hopefully, your parents). "Students who wish to re-experience their high school lives of promiscuous sex and heavy drinking."