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Schools where even the library becomes a pick-up scene

By Explore Editor

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Louisiana State University (4 of 10)

Louisiana State University

"LSU is a great school. You'll get lots of opportunities and meet a LOT of different people. Yeah, it's big. 30,000 people can be quite intimidating. But it doesn't have to be," says Ashley, a business student. LSU is known for football and partying, and with that comes a student body that's open to fun, meeting new people, and casual definitions of the word "dating." That's all fun and games if viewed from a distance, but one freshman has a more, shall we say, sobering point of view: "A while ago I heard some statistics at the health center about the student population at LSU: 2 out of 5 students are treated at the health center for venereal diseases!! What about the ones that are not in treatment yet because they did not discover it yet!? The percentage is ridiculous. This is a number that I would not like as a parent looking for a school for my kid!" Yikes!