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Schools where even the library becomes a pick-up scene

By Explore Editor

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Pennsylvania State University (6 of 10)

Pennsylvania State University

Any big state party school is going to have a student body with, perhaps, questionable morals. And Penn State is often considered the biggest party school in the nation. The only thing students love more than a good party is the football team. "I've never seen an inebriated football fan clobber any innocents, but I know quite of few girls (and boys) who wouldn't mind being tackled by a Nittany Lions football player (or two)," says one (possibly inebriated) student. "A lot of people date, a lot of people hookup too," explains Morgan, a junior. Call us old-fashioned, but we didn't realize a 2:00 am post-kegger slice of pizza was considered a date these days.