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Schools where even the library becomes a pick-up scene

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Texas Tech University (7 of 10)

Texas Tech University

Texas Tech is a big school with a big student body and a big ego. Brad, a sophomore, is adamant in his assessment of the student body at Texas Tech: "I've got to say, the hottie stereotype holds up. This one is also true." With 23,000 students and both a huge sports and Greek culture, Texas Tech always seems to have something to celebrate - and parties are huge. Students tend to be friendly though, and nobody really claims to feel overwhelmed by the size of everything. "The Texas Tech student body has everything, every type of group or stereotype so no matter what you should be able to find someone that you click with as long as you are willing to give it the effort," claims Sarah, a sophomore, who we like to imagine 'clicked' with that special someone while riding a mechanical bull.