It is surprising that I am the first one to post to UALR unigo forum. I having been taking online classes at UALR since Fall 2009. I live in Melbourne, AR and haven't been on campus since about 2002. I am senior majoring in Criminal Justice. I have attended several other colleges in Arkansas and already have an AAS Criminal Justice, AAS Business Technology, and CP in Business Management. I have taken courses in a little bit of every discipline. I gave up on my dream of becoming an attorney a while back and decided to get a degree in something that I could use right then and get a job. I also had two wonderful children along the way. I am their only parent and it is tough but I want to do the best I can for them. After I was through with the Business related era of my life I ended up getting my confidence back and started working on my BA in Criminal Justice again. So here I am now. After I graduate I have hopes of attending a good law school and finally accomplishing my life long dream and goal of becoming an attorney. Well I hope to see some UAlR students on here soon! Sincerely, A. C. Sanders