Five Curiosities Around University of Georgia’s Campus

University of Georgia Campus

By Courtney Mann

By Courtney Mann
Unigo Campus Rep at UGA

1. The Tree that Owns Itself
A local landmark in Athens is the white oak tree that “owns itself.” The legend says that in the 1800s the owner of the property, where the tree resided, had a deed written in an attempt to ensure the preservation of the tree.  The deed stated the tree had complete possession of itself. The original tree fell in 1942, but thanks to members of Athens' Junior Ladies Garden Club seedlings from the original tree were planted and a new tree was born.

2. Alpha Gamma Delta: A Haunted Sorority House
Alpha Gamma Delta is a sorority house located on Milledge Avenue and is supposedly haunted by a girl named Susie. Susie was to be married in the house sometime in the early 1900s. On her wedding day the groom was running late because of a storm. Susie thought the worst and was certain she was being jilted so she went up to the attic and hung herself. There are some residents who say they've seen her and  heard a chair scraping the attic floor, and it's said that if you do see her you will fall in love shortly after.

3. The Double-barreled Cannon
Outside the City Hall of Athens sits the famous double-barrel cannon. The cannon dates back to 1863 and was invented in order to do twice the work on the battlefields. The two cannons were connected by a chain and when first launched the made a huge mess. A cow was killed, ground was torn up, and trees knocked over. So the unsuccessful cannon was loaded with blanks and currently sits at City Hall.

4. Oconee Hill Cemetery 
Located right across the street from Sanford Stadium is Oconee Hill Cemetery. This cemetery, which dates back to 1856, is the resting place to many notable people from former University presidents to head coaches to rock stars.

5. Every Uga is remembered 
On the south-side of Sanford Stadium is a built-in marble vault which is the burial place of every Uga (UGA’s bulldog mascot) that has led the Georgia Bulldogs. Most recently buried was Uga VI, the winningest mascot in UGA history. Many fans stop after entering the stadium to bring flowers and give their condolences.