Five Curiosities on Villanova’s Campus

Villanova University Campus

By Caroline Renzulli

By Caroline Renzulli
Unigo Campus Rep at Villanova 

1. The Make Out Tree
Villanova University is a national arboretum, which means there are plenty of beautiful trees for students to relax under and enjoy. However, there is a special tree on campus known as the make-out tree which some students enjoy a little too much. Because of the long branches and thick leaves it is impossible to see the trunk of the tree, so leave it to Villanova students to find a special use for this secretive location.

2. Mendel Doug
Mendel Doug is one of the most mysterious and talked about students on Villanova’s Campus. Always dressed in a white t-shirt, cargo shorts, and sandals (regardless of the weather) there are few facts surrounding Mendel Doug’s presence on the University. Referred to as Mendel Doug because he is supposedly a science wiz (Mendel is home to Villanova’s Science Programs), some people say that Mendel Doug has been at Villanova for as long as ten years. If you believe Facebook, Doug will be 30 years old in 2009. Roaming around campus with a light saber and harassing anyone who looks at him, Mendel Doug is a true university staple.

3. The Oreo
The Oreo is a piece of art located in the middle of the University’s Quad. Though its true name is “The Awakening,” students refer to it as “The Oreo” because it looks like a giant Oreo cookie.

4. University Hauntings
According to University legend, Alumni Hall on main campus was closed from 1861 to 1865 and used as a hospital for victims of the Civil War. Students claim that this building is haunted because of this myth, and use it to explain much of the events that happen in Alumni Hall.

5. Corr Hall Arch
Another myth surrounding Villanova is that any student who stands under the arch of Corr Hall and shares a kiss there, will be destined to married that person. True or false, rumor has it that 60% of Villanova students marry other Villanovans.