Freshman Year’s Biggest Mistakes at Hamilton College

Hamilton Freshman

By Amanda Nardi
By Amanda Nardi
Unigo Campus Rep for Hamilton

It is unlikely to meet a student, at any college, who does not make at least one tiny mistake during their freshman year. Here is a list of what sophomores at Hamilton College had to say about their biggest mistakes that they made during their freshman year on the hill.

Personally, my biggest mistake freshman year was dropping a class just because I did not like it. In doing so, I became one credit behind (Hamilton classes are one credit each. Students need four credits per semester.). Because I dropped the course, I had to pick up an extra credit this semester, which is a big additional time commitment now.

Mistakes like this are easy to make, which is why it’s so important to talk with department advisors to help keep you in track. Below, you will find three additional examples of mistakes other Hamilton students make.

Allie Hesse ‘11

“My biggest mistake was not taking advantage of my time between classes. Because I did not manage my time well, I dropped two classes within my first year.”

Danielle DiGregoria ‘11

“Well, I could say stuff about Class and Charter day, but I won’t. Being a varsity athlete first semester freshman year, it was hard adjusting to college life while having so much less time than your average freshman. I wound up staying up really late to do work every-night and got sick often because of sleep deprivation.”

Nora Goddard ‘11

“My biggest mistake freshman year was not knowing how much I could drink and making mistakes when I was drunk.”

Remember, for every bad mistake a student makes, they make a ton of good decisions that go unnoticed. By sophomore year, most students have found their groove on campus, and a new class of young faces will arrive and have to deal with similar issues. Hopefully, some of these student’s mistakes will help save you when you come across a similar, sticky situation.