FSU Campus Curiosities

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By Ashley Ross

By Ashley Ross
Unigo Campus Rep at FSU

Westcott Fountain - Westcott Fountain is located right in front of the Westcott Building on Florida State’s campus. This building was originally the West Florida Seminary in 1880. In 1891, this building was replaced with College Hall. The Westcott Building now stands on this site and is the oldest site of higher education in Florida. Built in 1933, it was named for university benefactor Florida Supreme Court Justice James Westcott, Jr. It is traditional for students to be dunked in the Westcott fountain on special occasions in addition to being a background for a variety of photo shoots or a place for students to cool off on those hot Florida days.

Landis Green - During the 1960s and 1970s Florida State University became a center for student activism regarding topics of racial integration, women's rights and those opposed to the Vietnam War. The school acquired the nickname 'Berkeley of the South' during this period, in reference to similar student activities that took place at the University of California, Berkeley. Governor Claude Kirk once spent a night on Landis Green, in the center of campus, discussing politics with protesting students. Landis is also well-known for being the first place for the observation student "streaking."

Bryan Hall - Bryan Hall is the oldest building on Florida State’s campus and is a coed resident hall for freshmen only. Bryan Hall is over 100 years old. Bryan Hall was named after Florida’s Senator James Bryan. This resident hall is the smallest on campus and is the central point of activities for all its residents. As was the case over 40 years ago when Florida State was the Florida Female College and Bryan Hall was the main administration building. 

Ted Bundy Path - Ted Bundy, an American serial killer found his way to Tallahassee and into Florida State’s Chi Omega sorority house during Superbowl Sunday, January 15, 1978. Bundy utilized the path located behind the sorority house to escape and continue his rampage. This path, still used today has been equipped with ‘blue safety lights’ every two feet to ensure all users of the path are safe. These blue lights have a panic button on them that reaches the FSU police department within seconds. This path extends from FSU’s Doak Campbell Stadium out several miles to apartments located just off-campus. This path also provides a great place for students to go running, go for a bike ride and walk their dogs.

Unconquered Statue - Anyone and everyone at Florida State is familiar with the unconquered statue, though they may not know it by that name. Sculpted by Fritz White, this bronze statue of a spear-holding Seminole atop a rearing horse captures the spirit of the University and the Seminole tribe. This statue is the height of a three foot building standing at 31 feet from the ground to the tip of the spear. At sunset the night before each home game, the spear will be ignited and burn until sunrise on the morning after the game.