Game Day at UCI

UCI Sports

By Sandra Lee
By Sandra Lee
Unigo Campus Rep at UC-Irvine

As a student of UCI for the past three and a half years, I never got the feeling that sports were major at this school like at other UCs, such as UCLA or UC-Berkeley.

Students are not very enthusiastic about the sports teams here at UCI. Whenever I have gone to a sports game, the bleachers were usually pretty empty, and the people that were there were the players’ families and supporters most of the time. Of course there are still those sports fanatics that attend their favorite sporting event, whether it’s basketball, volleyball, or water polo.

One would imagine that on game day there would be craziness and drunk students everywhere, but that is nowhere near the case. However, there are still some activities to do around campus on game day. For instance, the Anthill Pub is a popular place for students to hang out, either during their free time or during a break between classes. This place is definitely crowded on game days as students get ready for their favorite sporting game with multiple pitchers of beer from all over the world. Also, the Pub’s taps are always rotating with new beer. The prices are decent, but can definitely be on the cheaper side with large groups of friends. What’s even better is that they have a menu of delicious food, such as sweet potato fries, quesadillas, and burgers that go great with beer!

If students are not at the Pub on game day, they are also at their friends’ homes drinking together to get ready for the game. I know that a lot of groups of friends plan kick backs to hang out before an event and then go all together, sometimes buzzed on beer or other alcohol. Whether it’s at the Pub or at a friend’s home, students who do attend UCI’s sports games get ready for the event with lots of alcohol to loosen up and be ready to cheer loudly with each point the UCI team makes. There may not be much going on during game day at UCI, but if you can find the right crowd, there will always be activities happening around campus on game day.