Guide to the Best of BU

Boston University Campus

By Toby Nathan

By Toby Nathan
Unigo Campus Rep at Boston University

The best……………….

Place to get free Wifi - 2nd cup Café
This newcomer to the Allston scene has quickly gained notoriety among BU’s off campus residents for its homey feel, delicious sandwiches, quick and free wireless internet, and a great atmosphere for studying.  With its large windowed storefront, this small coffee shop feels larger than it is, and the cozy leather couches make for a delightful reading area.  “I love 2nd Cup because it’s the most unpretentious coffee shop around.  Whenever I want to get work done and enjoy a tasty treat, I head to 2nd cup,” said BU senior Suzanne Sorensen.  On warmer days, the windows open and 2nd cup becomes a gateway between the inside world and streets of Allston.  Whether that’s a good thing is open for discussion.

Place to grab a late night meal - Quans Kitchen
Open until 2 a.m., Quans Kitchen serves up delectable Americanized Chinese fare at very reasonable prices.  Students wandering home from parties in Allston often find themselves staggering into this unintimidating hole-in-the-wall for a late nite sesame-chicken rice plate or some crab rangoon.  “Quan’s Kitchen is lovable.  They deliver.  They’re open late.  The food is great.  And, they deliver,” said BU senior Brian Duggan.  Did we mention they deliver?

Place to get coffee- Espresso Royale
This hipster hotspot features organic, fair-trade coffee, an appealing trait for environmentally conscious college students.  It’s a place for a great mug of joe, and the scene makes for some good people watching as well.  “Espresso Royale is a great place to hang out.  The atmosphere is really low key, relaxed, and everyone’s really friendly.  They serve a great cup of coffee, and, in addition to all that, they always have great music playing,” said BU senior Katie Sikoryak.  Centrally located right across the street from BU central T stop on Commonwealth Ave., Bu’s main thoroughfare, Espresso Royale is always filled with thirsty (both for coffee and attention) BU students.

Place to take a nap between classes- BU central
This cozy underground hangout is usually empty, despite its many attractions.  Pool, ping-pong, xbox, televisions, and some of the comfiest couches on campus make BU central an often overlooked gem.  It’s dark, it’s quiet, and it seems almost infinitely removed from it’s crowded overhyped upstairs neighbor, the George Sherman Union (GSU) building.  “No one ever goes to BU Central, unless there’s a student concert there or something, and that’s why I love it.  It’s the perfect place to go and play some xbox and maybe take a nice nap before subjecting yourself to the cruelty of the real world again,” said BU senior Erica Johnson.

Restaurant to take your parents when they’re visiting - Fugakyu
What does one look for when choosing a restaurant for one’s parents to take them to when paying one’s child a visit?  If it’s delicious, exotic food generally outside a starving college student’s spending limitations, Fugakyu is the place to go.  It’s not right on BU’s campus--it’s located on Beacon street in Coolidge Corner--but when the parents are paying for a cab, who cares?  Featuring some of the city’s best sushi, Fugakyu is frequently hailed as the most authentic Sushi around.  Each hand-rolled piece is served beautifully, and the bamboo floors and private dining areas make Fugakyu a true dining experience.  “Fugakyu is delicious.  And I cannot afford it.  That’s why I have my parents take me there,” said BU senior Zubin Tejani.

Place to take a date without breaking the bank - Carlo’s Cucina Italiana
This low key Italian eatery serves up some of the best Northern Italian fare in Boston, and with low lighting, an expansive wine list, friendly, unobtrusive servers, it’s the ideal romantic destination.  The scent of reasonably priced gnocci fills the air, and the lovely paintings on either wall, while they may not give you the impression you’re in a Tuscan villa, do add to the relaxing atmosphere.  On top of all that, a glass of wine is generally filled to the brim, just in case you need a little liquid confidence.  “Carlo’s is by far the best Italian food around BU.  It’s a nice, small, romantic spot that won’t thin your wallet too substantially,” said BU senior Eder Goldbach.

Bar / Place to get a date / Get over a breakup - Joshua Tree
A dark sultry space featuring high brown booths, a circular bar as the centerpiece, multiple plasma tv’s, and a downstairs dance floor that is often filled to capacity, Joshua Tree is the ultimate in late night carousing for BU and BC students alike.  Students line the streets trying to get in on Thursday nights, when the bar is hopping and the people-watching supreme. “Joshua Tree has everything you look for in a college bar: a dance floor, multiple bars, a lounge area, tv’s, and massive amounts of alcohol.  And generally, the crowd is one of the best looking in Boston,” said BU senior Naveen Reddy.

Ethnic food - Super 88
This Asian food court serves up every type of Asian food imaginable--Thai, Korean, Japanese, Chinese, Vietnamese, even Indian--and on top of that, features a newly added Super 88 version of Pinkberry, called Yo! Berry.  While each stand on it’s own may not be superb, when combined, the restaurants of Super 88 make for a delectable dining experience.  “I love Super 88 because you can choose and combine cuisines, it’s all cheap, and it’s all, for the most part anyway, delicious.  The only thing that freaks me out is the hanging ducks, but once they’re in my stomach, I get over that fear real quick,” said BU senior George Mckeon.

To get a slice of pizza - T. Anthonys
This BU mainstay has served up great pizza to hungry BU students since .  Photographs of BU athletes line the walls, and actual BU athletes fill the booths.  A shiny jukebox offers a variety of entertainment for late-nite noshers, but it’s the pizza that is the main attraction.  “T. Anthony’s has the best simple pizza around.  No question.  And that’s the bottom line.  Plus, they love BU, so we love them,” said BU senior Robert Passaretti.  On a hectic weekend night, when drunken students line up out the door, the overworked staff will make an extra pizza or two or pour an extra soda.  If you’re lucky, they’ll offer it to you.

Place to watch a game - The Avenue
30 cent wings.  1$ drafts.  40 televisions.  If you need more reasons for going to watch a game, they are frequently so busy on Sundays that the waitresses (another reason to go) often forget how many beers you ordered and undercharge you.  In addition to all of that, you usually don’t even need to ask for a refill.  The waitresses work nonstop to keep your beer glass and your plate of wings full.  “The Avenue is the perfect spot for football.  Avid, attentive fans, good, cheap wings and beer, and so many tv’s you can’t even open your eyes without watching a game,” said BU senior Will Polk.