HELP with school searching

Okay, so I'm an honors/AP taking rising senior at a accelerated H.S with a 3.6 GPA. Considered Majors include Advertising, psychology, business, or Gov. So, basically i need some help finding a GOOD school that fits me...Any suggestions??? I've been looking at American Un., Fordham, USC, and Penn State... Arlene, I would take into consideration other factors including distance from home, setting, school community, opportunities for internships/study abroad/research into the equation to help narrow the field. Are there any extracurriculars or sports that you want to pursue at college? What kind of atmosphere do you seek and how do you want to interact with your professors? Will financial aid be a concern? Hi Arlene, You have good starting list and it looks like you are considering colleges across the country. I agree with my colleague's comment with regard to considering the many variables in selecting colleges. Try to visit campuses and attend their college representative meetings in the fall (most travel around the U.S.). Review their websites carefully and in addition to the admission section, read their mission statement and check out the campus newspaper. This takes quite a bit of research on your part. Remember that at this point you are deciding where to apply, not where to attend - Enjoy your search!