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Schools where the education supercedes the recognition

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Bard College (1 of 10)

Bard College

Bard students pride themselves on being weird, and for those that would rather spend a Friday night discussing Dadaism over cans of PBR than discussing the Jets game over keg cups of bud light, Bard could be the perfect fit. Elsa, a senior dance major says, "Bard students are certainly hyper-intellectual, but only because they seek to understand the world and because they are encouraged from their first day of college to push the envelope and expand their perspectives and ways of thinking and approaching problems." With an undergraduate population of less than 2,000 students, Bard is a tight-knit community of forward-thinking education both in and out of the classroom. "While the average person might not recognize Bard College in conversation, it is without a doubt an accredited institution with very strong academics. All the teachers are practicing professionals in their field of study, and the option of commuting up from New York City seems to strengthen the overall quality of the faculty," explains another student.