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Schools where the education supercedes the recognition

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Bates College (2 of 10)

Bates College

Bates College is located in Lewiston, ME, a picturesque New England town about 45 minutes north of Portland. Like the town, the college skates by under the radar and both students and locals tend to like it that way. "At Bates you're definitely not a number like some big schools, the professors know you by name, and are genuinely concerned about your success. The administration is absolutely phenomenal! They really genuinely care about you." Students at Bates College praise the school not only for the academics, but also the tight-knit community. One senior says, "Bates is not just a four-year college; it's a home. People don't come to Bates solely for the fantastic education. They come for the great sense of community that is found on campus. Through athletics, clubs and organizations, classes, and dorm life, a strong sense of community is formed."