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Schools where the education supercedes the recognition

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Colorado College (3 of 10)

Colorado College

Colorado College is clearly the best private liberal arts school in the state, and stands out for both its idyllic Rocky Mountain setting and academics. With its location in Colorado Springs, the Evangelical Christian capitol of the world, the school is home to an interesting mix of conservative and liberal-minded students. Ben, a freshman, explains, "Students tend to be very environmentally aware and almost universally accepting of all kinds of lifestyles and opinions, but you will also find evangelical Christians rooming with dreadlocked atheist stoners, and they still get along great!" Students at CC rave about the school's unique block plan system. According to Lily, another freshman, "I'm able to fully immerse myself in the subject and feel like I'm able to retain information better because of the daily repetition and connections made from something learned the first week to something studied on the final day. And it sticks with you even after you've moved on to a new course, which is a testament to how ingrained the knowledge of a topic becomes within you."