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Schools where the education supercedes the recognition

By Explore Editor

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Grinnell College (5 of 10)

Grinnell College

With its liberal bent, intimate size, and quirky student body, Grinnell College is the perfect school for a very specific type of student who may not have found his or her niche in high school. As one freshman describes, "The best thing about Grinnell is the people. Not only are they brilliant and self-motivated, they're supportive and welcoming and willing to help each other, inside and outside the classroom." Students at Grinnell are focused less on getting the best grades and more on fostering a positive academic community and learning for the sake of learning. According to a sophomore Spanish student, "Students here are not competitive with each other. We do not care what you got on your SAT, or who has the highest GPA in our class. Sure we all strive to excel, but we're not sabotaging each other or not helping each other just to get a higher grade than our peer."