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Schools where the education supercedes the recognition

By Explore Editor

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Mount Holyoke College (7 of 10)

Mount Hokyoke College

Like most single sex colleges, Mount Holyoke prides itself on an intimate community and rigorous academic program. Students praise the small class sizes and close relationship with professors, both in and out of the classroom. "The professors are just incredible. I love them. You can go sit in their office and have intense intellectual discussions, or you can just talk about how your weekend went. Outside of the classroom, you will always find students in intense debates. Always," says one student. Though the social scene may not be everybody's idea of excitement, the women of Mount Holyoke enjoy their unique style of weekend fun. Meg, a senior, says, "In my opinion, Mount Holyoke is pretty awesome. It's a place where I feel totally comfortable to be myself, even if that means strolling into a dance in my pajamas on a Friday night." If attending Mount Holyoke in the future, make sure to pack a teddy bear.