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Schools where the education supercedes the recognition

By Explore Editor

What the students are saying about:

Wabash College (9 of 10)

Wabash College

An all-male college may not be at the top of every high school guy's list, but the students at Wabash are unanimous in their praise for the school's atmosphere. "Wabash College is an excellent school for men, and it certainly isn't for everybody. But, I cannot not articulate how this college has changed my life; it truly is amazing, and I think our nation needs to wake up and see the importance of all-male education at the college," says one student. The liberal arts education at Wabash is one of the best in the country and students may actually appreciate the lack of "distraction" found at co-ed schools. "Students study a lot at Wabash. I spend about 3-4 hours a night in the library. As a matter of fact, the library is a pretty regular campus meeting spot. We don't have a student union or anything, so we see men from across campus a lot at the library since most students are forced to study regularly to do well in class."