How to Create an Athletic Resume

Athletic Recruiting

By Prime Scout

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Athletes are seen, and for the most part, treated as the main assets of a college athletic program. Therefore, it is vitally important that a college coach knows as much about their recruits from an academic, athletic and social aspect as possible and your profile on PrimeScout is one of the greatest recruitment tools you have.

The first thing that a college coach will see, and analyze, is your photograph. According to experts, you are judged in the first four seconds of an introduction (based on how you look) and your opening photograph within your profile is key to how college coaches will initially view you. It is important that your photograph is one of you in action, preferably beating an opponent, where applicable, and in the process of a technical act involving your sport. A full body picture is preferred.

Your academic profile is very important to each college coach that looks at your profile and should be completed fully with your grade-point-average and standardized test scores but there are areas of your profile that allow you to separate yourself from many other prospects. To utilize these tools is to give the college coach a deeper understanding of you, to pique their interest in you and to allow them to follow your progress as a possible member of their program:

•    Video Uploads: on PrimeScout you can upload as many videos as you wish, and we recommend having numerous videos. There are two types of videos you can add to your profile, and you should have both. The first is a recruitment video that includes an introduction from you, about you, footage of you executing sport specific skills in a training environment and a short amount of game/competition footage. The second is highlight snippets from successes you have experienced. These snippets should be updated regularly throughout your season.
•    Stats and Measurables: Having a completed, at least correlated for your sport, measurable section allows college coaches to objectively compare you to other recruits and, more importantly, to the athletes that already compete within their program. 
•    Reference Tools: in addition to your video highlight snippets acting as a reference to your successes as an athlete you can link your profile to newspaper articles and written references from your coaches. These all allow the college coaches to validate your claims as a strong collegiate prospect and then create greater opportunities for your recruitment.
•    Teams and Events: utilizing this section fully allows college coaches to follow your season(s) and how you are progressing as an athlete and a prospect for their program. Entering your events, particularly your game and tournament schedules, creates a simple way for college coaches to find an opportunity to evaluate you.
•    About Me: this is a very important section that will allow you to stand above other prospects that do not complete this section. The About Me section allows you to relay information about yourself to college coaches that they may never know until you visit or, unfortunately, never know about you. This section is designed to give the college coaches a deeper understanding of you as a student, an athlete and a young man or woman that will eventually represent their program.

Start your profile today and continually develop it as you progress as a college prospect. Your PrimeScout Profile is a one-stop-shop for college coaches to learn about you and how you will fit into his or her program – utilize it to its full potential and you can realize your full potential as a collegiate student-athlete.