How to Succeed Freshman Year

By Features Editor

We asked undergrads from top schools to give their best advice on how to make the most of college.


Paul Thiboutot, vice president and dean of admissions and financial aid at Carleton College, offers three simple rules to help students succeed during their freshman year of college.

Adjusting to college can be difficult because suddenly most of your time outside of much fewer class meetings is unregulated or not overseen by your parents. So here are three pieces of advice:

1. Eat breakfast.

2. Get some sleep.

3. Don't undertake too much extracurricularly until you gain your college sea legs.

Eating breakfast really means pay attention to your nutrition. Getting sleep is just a reminder that youth is not immortality; your body still needs rejuvenating time. Finally, there will be many temptations to try new things, to continue doing sports, dance, theater, etc., but realize you may have to make choices among activities you pursue to allows you to focus on new academic demands and the pacing of college life. But do enjoy!