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Schools where Nietzsche is a hot topic in the dining hall

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Brown University (1 of 10)

Brown University

If all of the Ivy League schools came to your house for Thanksgiving dinner, Brown would be the cool uncle wearing a Miles Davis t-shirt who carries an unidentifiable odor but ends up being really well-spoken and interesting. BU gets its reputation as the "weird Ivy" due partially to its open curriculum and progressive grading system. "With the open curriculum, you can take any class you want to, which is really cool, because I've taken a class called Ancient Utopias and Imaginary Places at the same time as I was taking Organic Chemistry," says Gregory, a freshman at Brown. Stephanie, and English major has this to say about the benefits of Brown's open curriculum: "Interested and engaged students foster deeper, more involved discussions and, in my opinion, an overall more fulfilling academic experience… learning for its own sake -- not getting a job."