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Schools where Nietzsche is a hot topic in the dining hall

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Wesleyan University (10 of 10)

Wesleyan University

Wesleyan students, by reputation, are driven, hyper-intelligent, and liberal-minded. "Don't go here if you don't want to be around people who question every single thing in society (and this is coming from a Philo major)," warns Mike, a senior. "I'm excepting a lot of liberal ideas here, which are the one thing people here are pretty dogmatic about, but in general people here can't just go with the flow and accept life the way that it is." While this may be true, students at Wesleyan harbor a strong desire for knowledge, and this atmosphere creates an ideal environment for learning and concentrating on studies. Christopher, a sophomore, says, "For Wesleyan students, work comes first. There is no pressure to go out and party if you need to finish a big paper or study for a big test. Reading Week at Wesleyan is not four days to party, it is four days of study time/time to just chill."