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Schools where Nietzsche is a hot topic in the dining hall

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Carleton College (2 of 10)

Carleton College

With a reputation as one of the country's top private liberal arts colleges and intimate class sizes, Carleton is an ideal environment for students who want their college experience to be more about academics than house parties. "Even if you aren't studying you are talking about something intellectual. It is highly likely to run into people debating politics, religion, or even relativity. Intellectualism isn't about being in class here, it is your way of life," claims Martha, a philosophy student. This doesn't mean that students are trying to one-up each other on Kant trivia, however. According to Robert, a junior at Carleton, "Kids are definitely very smart but not pretentiously so. A lot of people worry that they aren't smart enough to fit in when they first get here but soon realize that there was a reason they were accepted and that they actually can keep up with classes and whatnot. Also, I think the smartness just adds to the style of humor on campus. People will be as willing to make a joke involving some chem theory or philosophical thinker as they are to make one about something in pop culture. This friendliness and love of learning adds to the vibe on campus."