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Schools where Nietzsche is a hot topic in the dining hall

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Georgetown University (3 of 10)

Georgetown University

For aspiring politicians and global thinkers, Georgetown is the ideal college destination. Students rarely come to Georgetown undecided, and conversations in between classes are more likely to revolve around domestic policy than last night's rager. Andy, a business student, says "Georgetown creates well-rounded students who are not only well-educated in liberal arts but are also ready for the work world in whatever field they choose. Almost all major firms recruit at Georgetown for full-time and internship positions. Class participation is common and you'll hear some very interesting debates in class, even in larger intro-level courses." Georgetown also offers plenty of opportunities to engage with Washington, DC. "No school rivals Georgetown in terms of the high-profile speakers who come to campus, and usually students get meaningful interaction with them beyond just sitting and listening to speeches. For those who seek them out, there are lots of ways to get involved in everything from Wall Street, to government work (the DoD and State Dept), to human rights work (STAND was founded here, and many students are involved in charity and development stuff), education (TFA is the largest undergraduate recruiter), entrepreneurship, undergraduate research, etc.," explains Ed, a senior.