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Schools where Nietzsche is a hot topic in the dining hall

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Hampshire College (4 of 10)

Hampshire College

If one wished to sum up Hampshire College in one word, "alternative" might suffice. The school encourages students to pursue their passions and offers an academic program that stresses individual freedom and creativity over any sort of traditional core curriculum. According to one sophomore named Greg, "Out of the 9 classes that I've taken, I've only disliked one, and I still learned a great deal in that class. The professors are amazing; they are intelligent, friendly, caring and passionate. I've managed to have a personal relationship with most of my professors, and all except for one have been helpful outside of class." Since letter grades do not even exist at Hampshire, students are able to focus on their own work without the pressures of maintaining a GPA or in-class competition. While this could be an incentive for laziness at other schools, Hampshire students tend to seize the opportunity to learn on their own terms. "Hampshire is really unique because, since you create your own program and since there's no testing, the drive to learn and excel doesn't come from competition, but rather, it comes from the desire to learn and excel," says Bobby, a junior.