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Schools where Nietzsche is a hot topic in the dining hall

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Morehouse College (6 of 10)

Morehouse College

Morehouse is an all-male, historically black college with a reputation for excellence and impressive roster of graduates, from Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. to Spike Lee. Both students and professors take academics very seriously at Morehouse. According to Carl, a freshman, "It's sort of like taught love. Every teacher cares about you and pushes you to the limits because they care. I have the numbers and emails of all of my professors and know each one of them to some degree or another. Students here are highly competitive but it pushes all of us to be great. Mays told us to be so good that no man living, dead, or ever to be born can do it better. That is the foundation of our academics and our response to it will determine how high the elevators of our skyscrapers will go." Ryan, another freshman, reiterates, "Class participation is required, and intellectual conversation happens everywhere on campus. We spend time with professors outside of class."