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Schools where Nietzsche is a hot topic in the dining hall

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Reed College (7 of 10)

Reed College

Reed is not for everybody, and the students are quick to tell you that. "Do not go to Reed if you do not want to push yourself to learn, and if you are not enthused by reading, by writing long papers, and by discussing things in class," warns Owen, a junior. "Reedies," as they're known, spend hours a day pouring over textbooks. Academics bleed into the social life on a regular basis, with students discussing their classes with passion at parties, in the dining hall, or walking around campus. Michael, another junior, says, "Reed will drive you crazy. If it doesn't, you didn't do it right. It's small, it's intense, and it's lovely. It's a haven for displaced and disenchanted intellectuals and we like it that way."