July Newsletter for Counselors

By Colleges Editor

Summer Roundup in the World of Edtech

Our favorite portmanteau, “edtech” (education + technology) has been all the buzz this summer in the world of education, and naturally…technology! A lot is happening and we want to keep you in the know, particularly since many of our counselors are busy visiting colleges or taking a summer holiday. Here at Unigo HQ, we’ve identified a few trending topics, along with some interactive graphics that will help you get back into the swing of things this fall. We hope you find our summer round-up beneficial!

All about MOOCs:

This summer’s current events have been inundated with developments and expansions of MOOC (Massive Open Online Course). Following the footsteps of startups like Udacity  and Coursera, MIT and Harvard have united to launch edX, a non-profit, open-source learning platform that will begin offering free online classes this fall. EdX is now the new name for MITx, which released results from its first prototype course “Circuits and Electronics.” Students from a total of 160 countries registered and 7,157 of nearly 155,500 students passed. Check out  MIT's official recap here.

In late June, Google launched its own online learning curriculum, which currently offers a course on improving advanced search skills.

So far, MOOCs have been able to garner attention and enrollment on a global scale. And although the goal to democratize higher education while generating social engagment is ambitious, the developments from the education sector just this year give great hope for the future of edtech.

Charts & Graphs:

Numbers and statistics are great, but charts and interactive graphics are better! Below are a few helpful resources to visually process some trends in admissions, college migration and student debt.

1. The most up-to-date compilation of 2012 college admissions stats via the New York Times:



2. The geographic migration of new full-time college students via The Chronicle of Higher Ed and the U.S. Education Department:



3. Student debt at colleges and universities across the nation via the New York Times and the Institute for College Access and Success:



What the kids are talking about:


Last week, @Newsweek asked “Are Millennials the Screwed Generation,” which sparked numerous “life is hard” tweets, but also trending were strong attitudes defying the label. Below are some of our favorite responses.

@TracyBartley: “I’m not #generationscrewed – I am generation startup and generation new definition of success…”

@JamesonBull: “I almost tweeted about being part of #GenerationScrewed. Then I stopped and started being awesome.”