June Newsletter for College Students

2013 Unigo College Rankings

By Colleges Editor

Here at Unigo HQ we have begun the daunting, but exciting task of putting together our 2013 Unigo College Rankings, just like we've done the past two years. We'll be featuring some old favorites, like Fast and Flirtatious, Prime Location, and our latest assessment of the New Ivies. We'll also be debuting five new categories of rankings such as Five-Star Dining Halls and Too Cool For School, the top ten hipster schools in America. We create our rankings based on a number of factors, the most important being current students and the current life on campuses right now. That’s why we want to hear from you.

Here are the ten categories for our 2013 Unigo College Rankings:

Oddly Ritual – Top 10 strange, wacky, and unique college traditions
Five-Star Dining Halls – Top 10 schools where the chicken patties come with a side of foie gras
Friends of the Lorax - Top 10 most eco-friendly schools
Too Cool for School – Top 10 schools where the only thing skinnier than the girls' jeans are the guys' jeans
Ahead of the Curve - Top 10 schools where technology and social media play a major role
New Ivies 2013 – Top 10 Schools where you’ll find the next generation of excellence
Fast and Flirtatious – Top 10 Schools where even the library is a hook-up scene
Prime Location – Top 10 schools where you’ll have to turn down visitors every weekend
Sports R US – Top 10 schools where the game is more important than the test
Home Away from Home – Top 10 schools that go above and beyond for international students

In the comments section below, tell us why your school should be included in one of these rankings. Is your campus implementing unique and interesting ways to stay green? Does your school have a weird hundred-year old tradition that every student participates in? Does the administration have a close (and maybe a little weird) relationship with the students via Twitter? We want to hear about it! Your quote just might make it onto our final rankings list.