Keep It Kosher at Your Summer BBQ

Tips to Survive the Adult BBQ This Summer

By Irene Starygina

It’s that time of year– you’re back home for the summer, and besides beach parties and bar nights, you’ll probably have to put in an appearance at the obligatory company and family BBQs. Like it or not, you’ll have to spend extra money on an “appropriate” bathing suit and think of a creative way to cover up that tattoo (sorry, Mom). No one wants to be that person in the big t-shirt sitting in the shade, but how much skin is appropriate at pool-side party with little kids, your boyfriend’s judgmental parents, or your boss? 4th of July BBQ etiquette after the jump.

Men – “Less is more” definitely doesn’t apply to your swim wear. If you own a pair of Speedos, burn them now. Better yet, do your dad a favor and burn his too. Go with a dark, solid color with a solid lining and tie the strings tight! If you feel like you’re not in the ideal shape for a tank top, choose a breezy button down (no Hawaiian prints) in a light color instead of a tight t-shirt if you’re prone to sweaty underarms. If you do go with a button-down, either button it so your chest hair isn’t on display, or layer with a tank top underneath.

Women – I cannot stress enough the importance of a solid, lightly-padded bikini top. You don’t want to be the girl who’s saying hello to everyone when you step out of the cold pool. If you’re set on wearing that cute triangle bikini, try these . You probably won’t feel comfortable (nor should you be) prancing around in your wet bathing suit in front of your co-workers. You’ll also be eating lots of food, so instead of sucking in the whole time, get a terry beach robe or a very light sun dress that you’re not afraid of ruining. Forever 21 has some cute styles for under $25.

What to bring – Potato salad is probably the easiest thing to make at home, but it’ll probably sit there trapping flies. If your cooking skills are lacking, you can try making brownies from a box or bring a light flavored liqueur like Malibu coconut rum or Smirnoff Mojito. Emphasis on the “light”– you don’t want to look like an alky with your Bacardi 151 in the afternoon. Bring fresh mint leaves or cut pieces of fruit with your bottle. Steer clear from pre-packaged snacks – unless specifically asked, bringing potato chips and salsa shows that you put zero thought into it.

Happy tanning!