Let it Be Ladies

What Women Shouldn't Criticize Men About

By Ashley Singh

Have you ever read that book Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus? I was reading this article about what men shouldn’t criticize women about. This inspired me to write about what women shouldn’t criticize men about.

His Style

This is the one thing that has been changing over the years. Women have always dominated in this area and no matter what, we always find something to pick at about his clothes. Jada Pinkett Smith has admitted to picking out Will’s clothes when they go out. As long as you’re not embarrassed to be seen in public with him, it’s fine. But I draw the line at socks with sandals.

Athletic Ability (or lack thereof)

So you finally introduce him to your family at Thanksgiving and they invite him to play in the annual family football tournament. That’s when you conveniently find out that he is the only man on the planet that can’t play football; it actually goes so badly that it kind of reminds you of that volleyball scene in Meet the Parents. Instead of railing him out in the heat of the moment and embarrassing yourself and your man, go easy on him. Sports may not be his strong point, but there are other things you like about him.

His Mother

Personally, I find that mothers are particularly protective of their sons. They don’t like the idea of another woman taking care of their son, because that’s their job as a mother. That’s one thing you have to understand. It’s actually a really good thing that he’s close with his mother. Just deal with it because it’s probably not going to change anytime soon. As long as he’s not sharing details about your relationship, don’t say anything, because there’s a huge chance that he’ll choose her over you.

Comparing him to his friends

Don’t. Just don’t. If you’re drinking beers with the guys and you find yourself chatting up his BFF who he’s known since the sandbox, thinking, 'you are absolutely amazing, why couldn’t I have met you before I met him?' there should be a big flashing neon light that says: I do not belong with him. If you start comparing him to his friends, you’re going to imagine things that are lacking in him that his best friend is not lacking in. Try to remember why you’re with him and what you like about him. And if and when you do break up, nothing is stopping you from going out with his friend.

Commitment Issues

Enough with the honey, why don’t you wanna marry me? question. If you’ve been together for 4+ years and there’s still no ring on your finger, the hills are waiting. No one should ever settle for anything less than they deserve. Just because he isn’t willing to get married and you are, doesn’t mean you should try and “talk him into it.” You don’t like him pressuring you, so don’t pressure him.

Bottom line: Learn how to pick your battles. Fight on the things that are really important to you and just understand that not everything is worth it.